The definite article: the

We use the definite article the with singular and plural nouns and with uncountable nouns:
Určitý člen "the" používáme u podstatných jmen v jednotném a množném čísle a u podstatných jmen nepočitatelných.
- when only one of something exists or is unique.
It's the best restaurant in the world.
The President is running for election again.
the New York Marathon, the Olympic Games
A man and a woman walked into the waiting room. The man was carrying a suitcase.
The fax machine was invented about twenty years ago.
The rhinoceros is under threat from poachers.
The English love football.
The rich can afford to pay more taxes.

The indefinite article: a/an

We use the indefinite article a/an:
I'd like a coffee and a sandwich.
I haven't got a pen.
There were over a thousand people at the conference.

Zero Article

We use no article (the zero article) when talking about:
Time passes slower on holiday.
Actors usually have a nice voice.
They are going to visit Antarctica.
Have you been to Germany?
They are going to climb Mount Everest.
Is Lake Victoria in South Africa?
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